Nice to meet you!

I know you read my name and are trying to figure out how to pronounce it correctly in your head. Let me help you! Aw-suh-say. Sounds a bit like awesome. My parents and Nigerian family pronounce it a little bit differently, but I’ll help you out whenever we meet in person.

I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. I graduated from UCLA in 2013 with my B.S. in Biology. I left UCLA with a desire to understand the nuances of public and global health to better serve my future patients. If you are well-versed in college rivalries, you might find it funny that I went to graduate school at USC. They love us Bruins. After I graduated with my Masters in Public Health in 2015, I went to Charles R. Drew University to complete a postbaccalaureate program to take more science courses and prepare to apply to medical school. I am now a proud Spartan and will be attending Michigan State University College of Human Medicine for the next four years, pursuing my M.D.

Telling my creative journey doesn’t flow too well with all of my STEM (science, technology, engineering, and medicine) pursuits, but as it is apart of who I am, I must share a bit of that journey as well. As a little girl, I always loved going through my family photos, reliving the past. My grandfather and my dad loved to take pictures and record family moments, so maybe that is where I got it from. My senior year of high school, I signed up to take an AP Art course so I could have a class with this teacher that I loved. My parents bought me a little fujifilm point and shoot, and that’s honestly where it all began. I went to college and started shooting with my friend's camera, before I got a job and saved up to buy one for myself. Shortly after, someone asked me to take their graduation photos and offered to pay me. The rest is history.  I will share the details of my journey in a blog post at a later date, so subscribe and look out for it!

I have been told that to be successful, it is important to pick one thing and do it consistently until you’re the best at it. I agree with that statement. But I have come to realize that my goal in life isn’t to be successful by man’s standards. I think God has given me many talents and callings. I use to think that I couldn’t do photography because I didn’t know anyone else pursuing medicine who had. I thought of myself as separate beings when I am one in the same person, whether I am holding a camera, a stethoscope, or whatever. With that being said, I want to do it all, and I am no longer afraid to try. This site is a tangible artifact for me to look back on and see that I did my best to live my best life blessing others as God so richly continues to bless me. Hold me to it.