Giveaway for My 27th Birthday!

So. I started a youtube channel. I know. I never planned to or wanted to, but I feel the call to take another step on my path to reflect and share my journey through life thus far. Whether it is a form of encouragement or a story of triumph or failure, I hope people learn from my experiences and are inspired to keep moving forward. I hope they see the light of Jesus Christ radiating from me because that is my life goal, and the ways in which He has brought me through so much in order to fulfill the callings that he has placed on my heart. He won’t give you a talent for you not to use. So trying to “honor the gift” as my friend Mike Wamungu so smoothly stated to me last year. I’m going to try to keep it a low maintenance type of thing. It’s new and awkward like all new things can be. I shared a new intro video so folks know what to expect in terms of youtube content, but if you follow me on ig or on here, it’s everything I experience. Check out my intro video here!

God has given me so much, I’m real life living off of his provisions and sometimes He asks me to sacrifice what I have for someone else (keep in mind, I’m an out of state student at one of the most expensive schools in the nation. It’s a SACRIFICE from my gifts from the Lord.) I’m trying to be obedient and a cheerful giver so read the rules below as I’ll ask for proof before I send the money and participate/share with those who you want to receive this gift. God is good y’all and this giveaway is money honey.

I am also sharing the short collection of my little polar vortex photo shoot with my sister earlier this week, while sharing the details of my GIVEAWAY! It will last one week and the winner will be announced NEXT THURSDAY February 7th at 7pm EST on my channel and on instagram!


To participate, you must live in the continental US or be a US citizen (DACA allowed FASHO) and be able to provide proof of intended goal prior to receipt of funds. Must have Venmo cause that’s how I’m gonna give from my pocket to yours. Priority is given to folks pursuing a career in medicine or other healthcare careers, but folks pursuing creative careers are also welcome cause you know I know the grind. 

1. SUBSCRIBE to my new YouTube channel @ososee same name as my instagram!

2. SUBSCRIBE to my website and leave a comment on this post with what you need this money for. How will it help you reach your goals?

3. Tag 2 friends on the instagram post that you’d want to get blessed as well! God might tell me to sacrifice more😅 so spread the wealth.

It’s a lot of steps, but it will be worth it, and I appreciate your help in allowing me to bless you or someone else. Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!

P.S. Thank you big sis for coming out into the Mich-GAN (naija accent) weather to take some photos of me. Love you.

Osose Oboh