Weekly Portraits: Women Part One

I had so many ideas of shoots I wanted to do in honor of Women's History Month, but with school and life going the way they were, I didn't have much time. I technically fell off my weekly portraits, but I am enjoying the fluidity of creating. There doesn't need to be a strict time frame or subject or type of shoot or even the way I edit my photos. If you've been following along anyways, maybe you noticed that yourself. But I had the chance to shoot three beautiful women during a quick trip to New York so I am sharing some of my faves from each of the sessions in three separate posts (so my timeline is filled with women :).

This is the beautiful Gaelle Darius. A fellow photographer, stylist, encourager extraordinaire, and beautiful soul. 

I was shooting with a film camera this day (haven't developed them yet), but these are the one's I had on my digital camera. Hope you see the beauty that I do.