"Sunkissed" with UKOO Studios

It’s February. The designated month in the United States of America to remember and celebrate the resilient history of Black people. While I choose to celebrate people from the African diaspora from the past and present everyday of the year, I will definitely be sharing content (old and new) to celebrate #BlackHistoryNow.

During my winter break, I had the pleasure of working with Mike Wamungu and Will Edem of Ukoo Studios during a shoot capturing Collection 01 of their fashion line. To me, their line represents the pride of our people, the beauty in our history and our ability to overcome any obstacle. They are literally making history.

All fabrics and materials are hand-sourced, crafted, and ethically made in the heart of Los Angeles. Every purchase supports a number of local small businesses of color and helps keep Ukoo Studios 100% Black-owned and independent. No huge team. No investors. 100% community made.

Parks. Davis. Lumumba. King. X. Ture. Collection 01 was inspired by the stories of change-makers and truth-seekers both celebrated and unknown.