2017 Travel Flashbacks

When I graduated from college, I never would have imagined that the next few years of my life would be filled with so much travel. If I had followed the plans I had made for my life, I would definitely not have been able to do so much and been open to meeting so many amazing people across the globe. Thank the Lord for that, His plans for me are so much better than anything I could ever imagine.

In 2017, I visited 16 countries and 11 US states (all listed at the bottom of this post). I was too lazy to count the different cities I went to, but you get the picture, I traveled a ton. Here are my favorite shots from my 2017 travels. Any picture of me was taken by a friend or stranger (I prayed before handing anyone my camera) and edited a bit by me. Check out more photos using my hashtag #ososeetheworld on instagram!

Press play and take a scroll while listening to one of my 2017 faves

Here's my list of my 2017 travels! Cheers to 2018 and all that it will bring :)

1. Belize                                     1. Michigan

2. France                                   2. Illinois (Chicago)

3. Italy                                       3. North Carolina

4. Morocco                               4. Virginia

5. Portugal                               5. Washington, D.C.

6. England                                6. New York

7. The Netherlands                   7. Ohio

8. Belgium .                              8. Indiana

9. France (2nd time)               9. Louisiana

10. Spain (Barcelona)              10. Georgia

11. Canada                                11. Florida

12. Virgin Islands

13. St. Kitts

14. St. Lucia

15. Grenada

16. Barbados

17. Antigua


P.S. Comment below or contact me for any questions on travel tips and all that! Happy to share on a one-on-one basis!