Study Break: "Museings"

After the first two months of medical school, I realized that my life was not balanced. I had too much energy and was itching to create. So I went through instagram looking for new faces, and I found someone who was willing to create with me! It's crazy how the world has changed. Everything is literally at our finger tips, but there is honestly nothing like connecting with people in person!

I use to have a series called "Museings" on my old site where I shared random portrait sessions that I did with old and new friends, and I would like to continue that here. In the series, I would share mini shoots I planned as a way to force myself to be creative during graduate school and during medical school application season. I like to play with different editing styles and always share just about everything, so don't be surprised at the variety you'll see (and feel free to comment with what you like and how photos make you feel down below!).

It won't be as often because I have to keep the main thing, the main thing so I can succeed and graduate with the biggest smile on my face in four years. But on my occasional study break, I will share the sessions that I have.

Here is one with my sweet new friend, Kelsey Ramirez. She will go down in history as my first muse in Grand Rapids! (Can't wait to tell my future kids how I searched #grandrapidsmodel and befriended random people).

Makeup by me. The gray backdrop is a piece of fabric that I bought at Joann's because sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Enjoy. Much Love.