Study Break: 15 Minutes

On my way to school the past few months, I would pass by this tree.

And every time, and the thought would cross my mind, " Girl, you gotta shoot here!" I told my sis one too many times and she told me, "so do it then!"

Two more months passed. Summer turned to fall, and I realized that winter was closer than I imagined. So I told one of my new photography friends out here, and he helped me find a willing muse. I already had a style in mind for makeup/outfit, so I shared my vision with the model, and she delivered. I must say that I prayed over the shoot since I was only giving myself 15 minutes max because school is my priority right now. So thank you Lord for hearing my prayers, connecting me with the beautiful Sophie (@matisse_zuzu), and making the people who made instagram so I could meet so many great people in my new city.

Enjoy and much love.