The start of a new year is always exciting. To many it seems like a new start, a new chance to reach a goal we have yet to attain.

My goal this year however is the same. To pursue peace like never before. To wake up every day feeling REFRESHED. 

I was in Los Angeles over my winter break, and got to go to my home church's first service of the new year. The four points of focus fit right into my goal and seemed to be the steps to use to attain it. Four P's: perspective, priorities, purpose, and plan. Think about these words and let me know what they mean to you in the comments below (Watch this if you have time: the certainty of eternity).

Tying in the photo aspect: when I thought about the word refreshed, I pictured water. Water can be calming. It can be used to cleanse and replenish. When this goal crossed my mind, an image of water was close behind. As usual, I didn't have much time, but these are the images from a less than 5 minute shoot I had with the lovely Aisjah Bowens to capture my feelings for 2018. You will probably see a lot of shoots involving water this year, so be ready.

 Shifting my perspective continually to pursue peace at all costs with the goal of feeling refreshed daily so that I can be used by God to pour out His love. Focusing my eyes above.

Happy new year loves.